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Welcome to the 406 Coupe Club Photo Gallery

Please feel free to upload your Coupe and Coupe related photos here. Below you will find some basic information which will assist you in using and getting the most out of the gallery.

The Gallery is broken down into categories. We hope this will assist members in locating specific photos based on various criteria, such as, basic colours, specific meetings, group shots, modified etc. It is highly likely that your photograph may fit into more than one category and we would like you to select all the categories into which your photo fits. You only have to upload it once.

We are also asking you to add a description of the photo, and some optional keywords to further assist in searching for specific photos. Finally if the photograph is one you have taken, the system will automatically assign it to you. We do however encourage everyone to acknowledge other peoples work in the event that you are uploading a photo that is not your own. If you know who took the photo and they are one of our members you can acknowledge this by selecting their name using a drop down menu on the upload page. If you are uploading a photo that you found on the internet and have no idea who took the photo, or you can't remember who took the photo, there is an option to select "unknown."

Photographs that are uploaded will automatically be reduced to a thumbnail sized image. They can however be expanded simply by clicking on the image. If you do try to upload a very large image you may get timed out, particularly if you have a slow connection speed. We recommend you consider reducing the size of your images, to assist in speeding up the upload process.

In order to protect ourselves from inappropriate content being uploaded, anyone who is not one of our club members will find that their photographs may not appear immediately. This is because non club member photographs require moderator approval before they are added to the gallery. Please don't let this put you off uploading your photo's, this is simply a necessary security precaution. Club members will be able to upload immediately, and we trust that nothing inappropriate will be shared. However in the unlikely event that any inappropriate content does slip through, please report it immediately to the moderator team in order for it to be removed.

If you wish any photograph you have taken and uploaded into the gallery to remain your personal copyright, please specify this on the photo or in the description. It will be assumed that any photo not so endorsed is available to be used by the forum and its members without further reference to the photographer.

Finally, regular users and club members will be aware that we run a "photo of the month" competition, the winning photo of which earns the right to be featured for a month on our home page. In addition, for several years we have also used photographs taken by our own members to create our annual club calendar. We hope some of the photos you will find in the gallery will inspire you to submit one or more of your own for entry into either of these competitions.

You may be interested in looking at a guide to photographing cars, which the author has allowed us to use and which has been added to the Miscellaneous section (Articles) of the site.

Remember, you can't get enough photos of cars that look as good as a 406 Coupe, so please do use the gallery, and help us create one huge portfolio for this future classic.

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